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3461. Instance for "Attestation brų́mbəl, Source: DRG 3035#1 C92 (Domat)"

3462. Instance for "Attestation knídəls, Source: DRG 3545#1 C92 (Domat)"

3465. Instance for "Attestation lǫ́tsα, Source: DRG 13272#1 C92 (Domat)"

3466. Instance for "Attestation frḗzα, Source: DRG 8321#1 C92 (Domat)"

3468. Instance for "Attestation frṓslα, Source: DRG 8384#1 C92 (Domat)"

3469. Instance for "Attestation fimę̄́rα, Source: DRG 8490#1 C92 (Domat)"