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291. Instance for "Attestation kaštαñę́, Source: DRG 4155#1 C92 (Domat)"

292. Instance for "Type Stadel, Source: VALTS IV_110#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

293. Instance for "Type Rom, Source: SDS V_161#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

295. Instance for "Attestation pαnáɫα, Source: AIS 1206#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

296. Instance for "Type schmaalze, Source: SDS V_180#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

299. Instance for "Type Wirbel, Source: SDS VII_40#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

300. Instance for "Type Gepse, Source: VALTS IV_25#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"