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1. VerbaAlpina instances related to the community "Soglio (Graubünden)"

2. Instance for "Attestation kaʒˈiːnɑ pɑr kɑʒˈɛ, Source: AIS 1192#1 45 (Soglio)"

4. Instance for "Attestation sˈøʃtɑ, Source: AIS 1192#3 45 (Soglio)"

5. Instance for "Attestation kɑʒɑrˈiːɑ, Source: AIS 1192#1 45 (Soglio)"

9. Instance for "Attestation kwˈɛjl͉·, Source: AIS 1212#1 45 (Soglio)"

10. Instance for "Attestation kwˈɛjɭ·, Source: AIS 1212#1 45 (Soglio)"