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1. Instance for "Type Schärm(e), Source: SDS VII_246#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

2. Instance for "Type Pelz, Source: VALTS V_143#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

3. Instance for "Type Gepse, Source: VALTS IV_25#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

4. Instance for "Type Reif, Source: VALTS IV_39#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

5. Instance for "Type Fäüle, Source: VALTS IV_41#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

6. Instance for "Type Fäule, Source: SDS V_185#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

7. Instance for "Type Skap, Source: VALTS IV_39#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

8. Instance for "Type Room, Source: SDS V_161#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

9. Instance for "Type Rom, Source: SDS V_161#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

10. Instance for "Type ufem Stäli, Source: SDS VII_245#2 GR16 (Felsberg)"