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2. Instance for "Type Stadel, Source: SDS VII_214#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

8. Instance for "Attestation ʧɑlˈeː dɑ purmˈen, Source: AIS 1192#2 5 (Ems-Domat)"

10. Instance for "Type Pelz, Source: VALTS V_143#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

18. Instance for "Attestation tˈeːʥɑ, Source: AIS 1192#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

20. Instance for "Type Butterfass, Source: SDS VII_38#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

22. Instance for "Type Heuboden, Source: VALTS IV_110#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

25. Instance for "Type Gepse, Source: VALTS IV_25#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

27. Instance for "Type Reif, Source: VALTS IV_39#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

28. Instance for "Type Rinde, Source: SDS V_174#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

32. Instance for "Attestation kwˈaʎ, Source: AIS 1212#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

39. Instance for "Type Wirbel, Source: SDS VII_40#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

41. Instance for "Attestation bˈuɑp͉, Source: AIS 1198#4 5 (Ems-Domat)"

44. Instance for "Attestation lˌat̆ pɑnˈaʎɑ, Source: AIS 1208#2 5 (Ems-Domat)"

45. Instance for "Attestation lˌaj̆t̆ pɑnˈaʎɑ, Source: AIS 1208#2 5 (Ems-Domat)"

49. Instance for "Attestation sɑɲˈʊŋ, Source: AIS 1198#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

50. Instance for "Attestation ʧɑgrˈʊŋ, Source: AIS 1219#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

53. Instance for "Type Schotten, Source: VALTS IV_36#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

56. Instance for "Type Skap, Source: VALTS IV_39#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

61. Instance for "Attestation grˈommɑ, Source: AIS 1204#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

66. Instance for "Type Stadel, Source: VALTS IV_110#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"

68. Instance for "Attestation grˈommɑ, Source: AIS 1204#2 5 (Ems-Domat)"

74. Instance for "Attestation tˈʊrn, Source: AIS 1211#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

83. Instance for "Attestation pɑnˈaʎɑ lˈuŋgɑ, Source: AIS 1206#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

87. Instance for "Attestation bleːzɑ, Source: AIS 425#1 5 (Ems-Domat)"

97. Instance for "Type Pelz, Source: SDS V_162#1 GR16 (Felsberg)"