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2011. Instance for "Attestation uełádα, Source: DRG 348#1 C92 (Domat)"

2012. Instance for "Attestation álbαr, Source: DRG 397#1 C92 (Domat)"

2013. Instance for "Attestation lαdā́dα, Source: DRG 406#1 C92 (Domat)"

2014. Instance for "Attestation lαdā́, Source: DRG 407#1 C92 (Domat)"

2015. Instance for "Attestation lαvā́dα, Source: DRG 505#1 C92 (Domat)"

2016. Instance for "Attestation αmputá, Source: DRG 605#1 C92 (Domat)"

2017. Instance for "Attestation bαlukā́, Source: DRG 1963#1 C92 (Domat)"

2018. Instance for "Attestation bíəšć̆, Source: DRG 2513#1 C92 (Domat)"

2019. Instance for "Attestation bę̄́žəl, Source: DRG 2520#1 C92 (Domat)"

2020. Instance for "Attestation biat, Source: DRG 2547#1 C92 (Domat)"