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2001. Instance for "Attestation bαné̤č, Source: DRG 2053#1 C92 (Domat)"

2002. Instance for "Attestation barbαlā́dα, Source: DRG 2130#1 C92 (Domat)"

2003. Instance for "Attestation bαrłẹ́ŋgαs, Source: DRG 2192#1 C92 (Domat)"

2004. Instance for "Attestation bártα, Source: DRG 2232#1 C92 (Domat)"

2005. Instance for "Attestation bαšlā́, Source: DRG 2259#1 C92 (Domat)"

2006. Instance for "Attestation bαšlẹ́m, Source: DRG 2259#1 C92 (Domat)"

2007. Instance for "Attestation bαtę́ł, Source: DRG 2311#1 C92 (Domat)"

2008. Instance for "Attestation báu, Source: DRG 2364#1 C92 (Domat)"

2009. Instance for "Attestation brę́ntα, Source: DRG 2941#1 C92 (Domat)"

2010. Instance for "Attestation bé̤ł, Source: DRG 3141#1 C92 (Domat)"