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1. Instance for "Attestation beklíñ, Source: DRG 2426#1 E40 (Brail)"

2. Instance for "Attestation beštiám, Source: DRG 2514#1 E25 (Zernez)"

3. Instance for "Attestation bouvín, Source: DRG 2839#1 E25 (Zernez)"

5. Instance for "Attestation büł, Source: DRG 3141#1 E25 (Zernez)"

6. Instance for "Attestation büł, Source: DRG 3141#1 E40 (Brail)"

7. Instance for "Attestation bˈɔʧ, Source: AIS 1080#1 19 (Zernez)"

8. Instance for "Attestation furnẹ̄́l, Source: DRG 8614#1 E25 (Zernez)"

9. Instance for "Attestation fuαrnę́l, Source: DRG 8614#1 E25 (Zernez)"

10. Instance for "Attestation krös, Source: DRG 5378#1 E40 (Brail)"